Introduction – Introduction
Preface          – Closed-Minded Thinking Contaminated Original Version
CHAPTER 1    – Background of Debate & Problems with Historical Writing
CHAPTER 2    – Summary of Findings
CHAPTER 3    – Debates & Incorrect Assumptions of Flat Earth Thinking
CHAPTER 4    – Flat Earth Myth Invented by Secular Writers?
CHAPTER 5    – Analysis of 7000 Years of Thinking Regarding Earth’s Shape
CHAPTER 6    – The Confusion Surrounding Christopher Columbus
CHAPTER 7    – Conclusion
CHAPTER 8    – Entertaining Maps Relevant to the Discussion
References   – 120 References – Flat, Spherical, Cylindrical, etc.

Is it a Myth that Flat Earth Thinking Existed in History??
Well, No!

However, we believe medieval discoverers did NOT fear sailing off the edge of the earth.  This thinking likely ended centuries before the age of Christopher Columbus, long before some of you may have been taught.  What you will find here is that the evidence for a “revival” of flat earth thinking is limited at best.  And, the original works promoting flat earth belief that we did find are primarily pre-medieval.  We will present quotes from the proponents of this view who were mainly influenced by a need to maintain the supreme authority of the Bible.  They were also reluctant to accept the scientific views of the ancient Greeks due to their pagan beliefs.  However, we hope to convey that a flat earth view was not the mainstream view among scholars at all, but probably had a very limited following in pre-medieval times with only a trace in the earliest medieval times represented almost solely by Cosmas Indicopleustes.  Contrary to many contemporary writers, we also maintain that many Church Fathers vigorously opposing ‘pagan’ teachings of ancient philosophers were not necessarily promoting the flat earth.

It is clear to us that flat earth belief was extremely limited and mostly pre-medieval.  The spherical view prevailed and is abundantly represented in works in later medieval times.

We will provide quotes from original, transcribed works throughout history in our discussion of this topic.  However, do NOT be mislead by some of the references you will find here!   At times, the material will include quotations which, upon careful examination, have absolutely nothing to do with belief in a flat earth.  These were included because they are source of MUCH confusion and incorrect thinking among contemporary writers who believe it provides proof of flat earth belief.  In these cases, we will present the quotation and describe the confusion that leads some contemporary writers to misinterpret it as flat earth thinking.  In some controversial areas we may hold a certain view, but will attempt to accurately portray both sides of the argument.  The Conclusion Is Up To You.

You will find many quotes depicting the Earth as a SPHERE.  These were included to show that they were the most widely held view.   After the flat earth dominance of the Sumerians, Babylonians, Hebrews and the Bible, we only find a ‘draft’ of flat earth thinking in the ‘prevailing wind’ of spherical thinking.

There are many scientific areas where the dogmatic blinders of religion have shielded the truth.  However, after a detailed analysis of original historic works, and overcoming our own personal bias, we simply found that flat earthism is not a very good example of this theological phenomenon.

– Ethical Atheist
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